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About Us

Who We Are

The Alistishari team is comprised of volunteers from various professions (medical and non-medical) who believe in the patients’ right to learn more about their condition and explore diagnostic and therapeutic options. They develop their various expertise and skills to operate an electronic system that connects Libyan citizens who need a specialized medical opinion, and Libyan consultant doctors who possess the qualifications and experience and donate part of their time to present this professional opinion.
The website was created in 2004 and has provided services for almost two years. It was then frozen for several years due to exceptional technical conditions, the most important of which is limited internet access in Libya. With the continued need for this service and the expansion of internet usage in Libya, the website has resumed its activities once again to complete its message and extend a helping hand to Libyan citizens wherever they are.
The roster includes most medical specialties, including general medicine, internal medicine, and surgery in their different specialties, as well as women, obstetrics, and children. The roster will be gradually expanded to include all medical specializations, God willing.

Our Principles

The site is purely a medical consultation site. It does not belong to any official or unofficial body and does not align itself with any particular political or intellectual orientation.
The website provides its services free of charge and does not charge any material or moral consideration for providing these services.
We take care of the patient’s privacy. The site treats the patient’s information with care and with complete confidentiality and does not disclose it to the competent doctor except to the extent necessary to provide the required consultation.
The website is committed to the highest level of professionalism in dealing with colleagues and believes that different medical opinions do not necessarily imply any limitations or inefficiencies in the professionals directly overseeing the medical care of the patient wherever they are.