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Q: Can the patient rely on the site as a replacement for the doctor or a hospital visit?.
The site is not a substitute for the doctor or clinic that the patient frequented. Proper medical care requires a patient to meet and be detected by a specialist. The role of the site is to add another dimension to counseling and guidance when the patient and his family need it.

Q: If the doctor supervising the patient is doing his job, what is the use of this site?
This website brings together a group of highly qualified consultants with expertise in the field of their specialization, and their opinion adds a great benefit in addition to the opinion of the direct doctor. Today’s medical profession requires that doctors meet within a single institution to discuss some complex and intractable cases in order to reach the best therapeutic and diagnostic options.

Q: If the site offers no more than opinions and suggestions for patients, what is the benefit for the patient?
The on-site consultancy and opinion may serve the patient in one of the following ways:
– To give a second opinion which may confirm the diagnosis and treatment and assure the patient and his family of the doctor’s choice.
– Propose options that may not have been mentioned to the patient by the doctor treating him for any reason.
– Suggest remedies that may be more effective, less expensive, or less harmful than the treatment offered to the patient.
– Spare the patient the costs of tests, analyses, and interventions that he may not need and may cause harm.

Q : Who is behind this site and how is it supported?.
This website is the result of a self-effort by Libyan medical volunteers, doctors and non-doctors to provide health services to their brothers in the harsh conditions the country is going through. The website does not receive support from any government or non-governmental organization, and the effort, expertise or financial support it requires comes from these volunteers.

Q: Does this site or its administrators follow a particular body or political direction?
No … The site does not belong to any official or unofficial body, and its administrators, doctors and others, do not belong to any specific direction. Everyone is a hard-working professional, engaged in a desire to serve the nation and the citizen.

Q: Do the doctors who contribute to this work receive payment for the consultations they provide?
No … This work is purely voluntary and doctors do not receive any remuneration for the consultations provided.

Q: Does the site provide financial assistance for treatment for the needy?
No … The site is not a charity and does not have the means to provide financial aid, but its workers hope to save a lot of the cost by offering free counseling and maybe to avoid the costs of tests and treatments that the patient might not need.

Q: What are the qualifications of the doctors who contribute to this work? Is it possible to trust the consultations they provide?
The organizing committee overseeing this work sets standards and systems for selecting contributing doctors and verifying their certificates and expertise. Only highly qualified doctors who are highly qualified to work in a professional consultant are invited to the site team.

Q: Why doesn’t the site take any responsibility for the consultations given by qualified doctors and by high standards?
Since the doctor provides the consultation on the basis of written information from the patient or his family, and the results of tests and analysis sent electronically, and without direct communication, the Secretariat shall inform the patient and his family of the limited service provided. The location of the Libyan medical consultant is expected from the patient and his family to prove and use the consultation provided in the presence of the direct doctor who bears full responsibility for any treatment he provides or intervention he performs.

Q: Can you communicate directly with the consultant doctor who is supervising the case? Why not?
No … Unfortunately, for a number of reasons:
1- Because of the preoccupation of the supervising doctors and the difficulty of coordinating this with the large number of cases submitted.
2- To enable the site to follow up on consultations and exchanges between the patient and the doctor in order to maintain the quality and validity of the consultations submitted and to limit any excesses that may occur during this exchange.

Q: Could the site receive questions from the doctor who is treating the case directly?
Of course. The website aims to help the patient and the doctor in reaching the correct diagnosis and treatment and does not find it embarrassed to cooperate with the fellow physician supervising the case to help the patient. Sometimes it’s even easier to understand what a consultant needs.

Q: Is the case presented to all doctors in a consulting site for discussion and response?
 No .. Cases are received separately and presented to the specialist in the field. Sometimes it is necessary to present it to a committee of consultants with more than one specialist to use more than one opinion, which could benefit the patient from having more than one consultant participate.

Q: Can visitors see patient information sent?
No… The site maintains the patient file and the confidentiality of the information transmitted in specific channels to the case consultant

Q: Why doesn’t the site receive public health inquiries?
Although the site may answer specific inquiries about specific cases, it is devoting more effort to following up on cases being processed. It requires a strong advisory opinion to determine the diagnosis and treatment. A lot of websites provide general information and advice and the site may provide links to it.

Q: What if the patient followed the advice of the consultant from this site and the patient did not improve or cure his illness, would the doctor not take responsibility for it?
It was also mentioned on the website’s page that the doctor does not bear responsibility for the consultation submitted despite its value as it is a highly qualified and experienced consultant. Because the consultant provides counseling based on information provided by the patient or his family that may be incomplete. And that makes the relationship different from the direct relationship with the doctor who’s directly responsible for the condition.

Q: Can cases handled outside the country be sent for an opinion?
Yes … This is one of the most obvious situations where the benefit is great for a patient traveling for treatment outside the country, where he or she is in desperate need of an opinion from a trusted source, without any benefit to make decisions that can save him or her a lot of cost and sometimes avoid harm from interventions that may not be necessary. The frequent stories of physical abuse of patients in some countries confirm these facts, unfortunately, when medical service is mixed with material gain.